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XR80 CRF80

The mini bike XR80 CRF80has been around for over a few decades now. The demand in this period remains undiminished. Check for their spare parts at OMB Warehouse. You will get a range of spare parts for the mini bike XR80 CRF80in our inventory that is of the highest quality and suitable as OEM replacements. The XR80 was launched in 1979, superseding the XR75, and underwent fairly minor changes for 24 years until the Honda CRF80 replaced it in 2004. The pair sold well from the third generation of the XR80, which came out in 1985. The third-gen bikes are clearly differentiated by their stubby, tall plastic gas tanks. This was a conspicuous change from the metal tanks that marked the XR and XL series through the early ’80s and remained until the late ’80s on the XL models. The increased use of plastic during this era of motorcycles is the hallmark of the mini bike XR80 CRF80. One of the top products in this category is the Carburetor with Air Filter for Honda CRF80 XR75 XR80 XR80R Carb Assembly. Specifications are manifold intake20mm, open spacing: 48mm, air intake outer diameter: 35mm. Package includes carburetor, air filter, oil filter

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