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SL70 XL70

OMB Warehouse stocks OEM replacement parts for the mini bike SL70 XL70, a bike from the Honda stable that was first launched in 1970 with a 4-stroke engine. It is a small street/trail mini bike with afour-stroke engine, a four-speed manual gearbox, and a full-cradle frame. The bike was extremely popular with younger riders who used it off-road as a trail bike and mini moto-crosser. For the latter role, it was essentially replaced by Honda's XR75 in 1973.Except for paint colors and the addition of a speedometer, the bike remained unchanged for four years. In 1974, the designation changed to XL70 and the bike got a slimmer gas tank. The following are the specifications for the mini bike SL70 XL70. Displacement: 72 cc (4.4 cu in), Engine: Four-stroke, aircooled, single overhead cam, Ignition: Breaker points, 6 volts, Transmission:4 speed manual, Fuel system: Carburetor, Valves: 2 valves per cylinder. Check out our stocks of mini bike SL70 XL70OEM replacement parts that include the high quality and durable kick start lever, headlight assembly kit, piston rings, piston clips, and more. When you order from us, ensure that you have the exact specifications so that you get the best performance from your bike.