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The mini bike KLX110 DRZ110launched in 2002 has been a great favorite to hit the trails and proved to be super-reliable. Check out the OEM parts at OMB Warehouse. The 110 is the perfect size to bomb around the campfire, hit the trails, hit a free style ramp, or go pit bike racing on. There haven’t been many changes to the110 over the years other than Suzuki putting their name on it for a few years (DRZ110) and the 02 model had its own head. In 2010, the bike was completely changed. It received an electric start, a new frame and all new bodywork. There is also an L model that has longer suspension and a manual clutch. One of the mini bike KLX110 DRZ110OEM replacement parts in our stock is the Clutch Plate and HD Spring kit. These heavy duty clutch plates & springs prevent the clutch from slipping, preventing you from wasting valuable time on the track.  Stiffer springs improve clutch life. A small yet critical part of themini bike KLX110 DRZ110is the magnetic oil drain bolt. It catches metal debrispreventing it from re-circulating with the engine oil through your engine.