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Trail Bike Parts

If you are a mini trail bike enthusiast, check out the trial bike parts at OMB Warehouse. We stock a complete range of parts of trail master mini bike, trail sport mini bike, mini trial motorcycle, and more. The trail mini bike has a longer stem length than conventional bikes and this helps to position the rider in a position that pushes the body forward for enhanced grip and maximum acceleration. The quality of our trail bike parts can be understood from the manual clutch kit – billet housing upgrade product on offer. It is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and the old cast aluminum clutch housing has been replaced by a new billet offering. All limitations of engine size and RPM limits o0f the Manual Clutch Kit are therefore removed. Parts of the gas powered mini trail bike are also available at OMB Warehouse. For example, gas tanks are available in chrome, black, white, and red to match your bike. Our mini trail parts also include clutch kit, camshaft, carb kit, and performance exhaust. 

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    TB Shift Drum - 4th Gear.

    This high quality shift drum turns your 3 speed into a 4 speed while at the same time eliminating problems associated with the lesser quality OEM shift drums. Also much better quality than the OEM 4 speed shift drums from Kawasaki.

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    Our Price: $43.75
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