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Mini Bike Torque Converters

A mini bike torque converter is the answer if you find yourself burning up clutches.  A torque converter clutch uses a belt drive system to give you the power you really want.  We sell both Comet torque converters which are the original and best quality as well as aftermarket TAV2 units for a more affordable price.  The most popular units are the 30 series and 40 series and both will serve you well depending on the horse power that your Predator or other comparable small engine is outputting.  A Predator 212cc engine needs a 3/4" 30 series torque converter, while a Predator 420 engine needs a 1" torque converter and it's your choice whether you go with a 30 or 40 series in that case.  Need advice about the exact TAV2 or Comet brand unit that you need?  Email us with your engine specs and we'll point you in the right direction.  Your go kart, mini bike, drift trike, or any other fun piece will be happy with a brand new torque converter on it.  Replace your burned out clutch today!  We also have plenty of parts if you are looking to rebuild what you currently have.