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OMB Warehouse offers a wide range of mini bike kits that are ideal to build a new mini bike or restore an old and vintage bike to its past glory. When you buy these kits instead of separate parts you are assured of perfect matching similar to original bikes. Mini-Bike Kits stocked by us contain identical components, except for wheel size and type; the tires and innertubes match your wheel selection. Each kit provides everything you need to assemble a complete Mini-Bike, less engine and clutch. You can choose a clutch from our line once you know what engine you will be mounting. Assembly Guidelines and parts list are included. You can match this frame with an engine from our product line like the 49CC Mini Motorcycle Engine, 2-Stroke pull start engine motor unit for 47CC/49CC Pocket ATV Pit Mini Bike. This complete engine unit includes clutch, pull-start, air filter, carburetor, coil, clutch and plug. The engine is suitable for: 47cc/49cc Pocket bike, mini dirt bike, mini ATV, other scooters with similar or identical engine mounts. We also have the air-filter intake mini bike kits. The package includes (1) Inlet Air Filter, (2) Filter-to-Carburetor Mounting Studs, (1) Aluminum Adapter, (1) Choke Hold Bracket, (1) Hose Clamp & Hardware,(3)Inlet Pipe Pad.