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Steering Wheels and Handlebars

Strong and durable mini bike handlebars are essential for a smooth and safe ride. Check out the top brands in stock in OMB Warehouse good as OEM replacement parts. One of our top quality products in mini bike handlebars is the oversize diameter handlebars without crossbars. This unique design allows the bar to flex and absorb impacts better than standard 7/8" bars. The intentional bar flex leads to increased rider comfort and less fatigue, while the oversize diameter at the bar clamp area maintains bar integrity. This special item is made from 4mm, proprietary, 7000 series aluminum alloy for superior strength with oversize 1-1/8" at bar clamp, tapers to 7/8" at bar ends. Best balance between fatigue life, impact strength and impact absorbing flex. Epoxy inner coating resists corrosion, Left side knurling provides maximum grip traction, End plugs help keep the elements out of the handlebar tubing and aid in longer grip life. Another quality product in our inventory is the Podium 7/8" Pit Bike Handlebars constructed of 7075 Alloy material. The 7/8" bar is designed for riders looking for a stock replacement or feel. Available in four bend options this bar is ideal for MX, ATV and Mini bike racers with laser etched graphics.

  • Polished Aluminum Butterfly Steering Wheel (Black)

    Polished Aluminum Butterfly Steering Wheel (Black)

    Non-flexing strong 1/4" tempered aluminum alloy butterfly steering wheel. Black aluminum finish.Non-flexing strong 1/4" tempered aluminum alloy butterfly steering wheel. Black aluminum finish. This steering wheel design evolved from actual track...

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