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If you need mini bike anchors and anchor bolts of the highest and most dependable quality, check out the huge stocks at OMB Warehouse of all makes and models. A motorbike anchor is one of the most effective anti-theft devices for motorcycles and scooters. It keeps your bike securely chained to a wall or the ground, thus making it considerably more difficult to steal. It is a great deterrent and helps to prevent thieves from easily wheeling your bike away or being lifted into a van. Our mini bike anchors and anchor bolts are easy to install and provide a good level of security. All that is required is to drill holes either into the ground or wall and then secure it with bolts and drive-ball bearings into the bolt heads to prevent them from being unscrewed. Our top selling item in mini bike anchors and anchor bolts is the Urban Security UR55 high security ground-wall anchor heavy duty swing arm diameter 14 x 4 pegs. This anchor bolt is combined with U locks or chains to secure your mini bike. The anchor bolt can be installed both indoors and outdoors and can be fixed either to the floor or to the wall.